Sunday, February 6, 2011

Music that im Listening lately

I don't really have any favorite artist or band bu recently i have started listening to alot of dubstep none of my friends listen to it so its my genre of music in the group of friends i have and i think thats a good thing everyone gets varied music when we hang out together. Here is one really awesome dubstep song
I am loving this song lately the guy who made it is from Edinburgh, Scotland it sounds so different using retro sounds. A different style of music is kid Cudi have been listening to him a lot aswell both his albums a seriously good chill out songs but awesome too.
So many songs i wanna post here from both his albums seriously check it out really good ok just one more
Thats all for now comment and let me know what you guys think

Game design course

First of all let me tell everyone here that i am from Ireland and studying a games design course at college. Basically i am going to be writing about what i think of computer game course in general from a gamers view. Let me start of by saying that i have been playing games since i was about 5 or 6 i am now 19 and still playing away I own a xbox 360 and a high spec PC.

The course i am involved in has 8 different classes the main class is games design this class is mainly focused on stages that the game goes threw, brainstorming, concept art why you did this or why is that in the game basically everything about the game. one month ago our class was put into groups to design a game we were split into groups of five and we all had different roles in the group, I was designing the buildings for the game another team mate was doing objects for the game another doing the landscape and another doing the characters for the game.

For my part of creating the buildings i had to do research, hat type of buildings was i gonna use, what type of textures, How tall the buildings were gonna be what buildings would be like if abandoned then i had to draw up concept art. Usually in a game company there would be designated people to make all the concept art but we had to create our own. I am also terrible at drawing so i wasn't looking forward to making concept art. It do-sent make it any easier not being able to draw but it can be done just do rough sketches add in little details here and there on the picture and it will come together. After we had all the concept art created we had to make a concept board with the concept on it and writing about it. Right now i am working on making the game its called survivor we are using udk to create it.

Thats just some info about that class think i went on for a bit there, If you are very interested in games its not enough you need to work hard and there is a lot to these types of courses a lot of maths involved a lot of programs to be learned but once you get over that stuff its awesome. Thanks for reading