Sunday, February 6, 2011

Music that im Listening lately

I don't really have any favorite artist or band bu recently i have started listening to alot of dubstep none of my friends listen to it so its my genre of music in the group of friends i have and i think thats a good thing everyone gets varied music when we hang out together. Here is one really awesome dubstep song
I am loving this song lately the guy who made it is from Edinburgh, Scotland it sounds so different using retro sounds. A different style of music is kid Cudi have been listening to him a lot aswell both his albums a seriously good chill out songs but awesome too.
So many songs i wanna post here from both his albums seriously check it out really good ok just one more
Thats all for now comment and let me know what you guys think


  1. Dubstep isn't typically my thing, but I will say, that Pornstep caught my interest. (You can search it on Youtube.)

  2. never heard of those people before.